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Atomium MAX 200 MGSB

Price: (inc.VAT) 97 AU$
Volume: 200 ml


The compound is designed to protect against wear, increase the lifetime and recovery characteristics of mechanical gear boxes, transfer boxes and reducers of trucks and special machinery during normal operation


Tribotechnical compound «MAX MGSB» is applied in one stage in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. Warm up the gear box up to operating temperature (regular operation).
  2. Stop the engine
  3. Shake the can thoroughly until natural sediments (active components) are totally dissolved.
  4. Fill in compound through the unit's regular oil filling neck at the rate 10 ml of the compound per 1 L of transmission oil.
  5. After applying the engine should run (it is recommended to drive the car) for no less than 20 - 25 min. in mode of regular operation.

After the procedure you can use the car as usual.


  • Facilitates gearshift
  • Significantly reduces noise and
  • vibration levels
  • Increases free car run
  • Protects the gear box against wear

Preventive effects:

  • Protects  units against wear
  • Reduces friction loss
  • Accelerates process of engine run-in