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Atomium Active Gasoline Plus

Price: (inc.VAT) 47 AU$
Volume: 90 ml


The compound is designed to protect against wear and maintain the performance of gasoline and gas engines of passenger vehicles with mileage more than 50 000 kilometers. It can be used for forced and turbocharged engines.


Tribotechnical compound «Active Plus» is applied in two stages. At every stage it is necessary to add compound to motor oil in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. Warm up the engine to operating temperature (regular operation) and stop the engine.
  2. Shake the can with tribotechnical compound «Active» thoroughly until natural sediments (active components) are totally dissolved.
  3. Apply 1 can of tribotechnical compound «Active» through the regular oil filling neck. (If the volume of the oil system is more than 5 liters, it is necessary to fill in two cans of compound).
  4. After applying the engine should run (it is recommended to drive the car) no less than 20 - 25 min. in mode of regular operation.

After the procedure, you can use the car as usual.

Full engine treatment is performed as follows:

Oil volume in the oil pan:
Stage Less than 5 liters More than 5 liters
1 stage: *In engine oil is added:
1 can 2 cans
  Mileage is 500 - 1000 km *
Changing the oil and oil filter
2 stage: *In new oil is added:
1 can 2 cans
  Mileage to the next regular oil replacement
Changing the oil and oil filter
3 stage In new oil is added:
1 can 2 cans
  Mileage to the next regular oil replacement
Regular operation


* If the oil has worked less than a third part of full-time period, after the first stage can be replaced the oil filter only, and you can go to the second stage of treatment.


  • Increases engine lifetime, improves fuel economy
  • Decreases oil burning
  • Decreases vibration and noise level
  • Decreases toxicity and smoke of exhaust gases
  • Increases engine lifetime
  • Protects during active driving
  • Protects engine in extreme working conditions
  • Facilitates start-up and protects during "cold start-up"
  • Restores the functionality of hydro-compensators