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Tribotechnology "Atomium" was presented at the INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW "AUTO 2017" and Auto Exotica in Riga.

It was the largest International motor show "Auto 2017" and Auto Exotica in the Baltic, that took place in exhibition center Kipsala, BT1, Riga. Tribotechnology and innovative products of Atomium were presented there. For three days the exhibition was visited by over 50,000 people.

In Riga the exhibition were presented  cars of the leading world brands. Their products showed major manufacturers of auto accessories, maintenance tools, service equipment. Individual thematic sections dedicated transport engineering, freight and commercial transport as well as car tuning.

Products "Atomium" were presented by the official representative in Latvia SIA RKF "L. E. O" together with the company "Suprotec EU".

Quarterly growth in sales volumes of the compositions of the "Atomium" in the Baltic States is 30 to 40%. Latvian special interest car owners show to tribalistas for engines with mileage of more than 50,000 kilometers, because there are many 5-7 year old European cars.

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