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The unique technology of "Atomium" extending the life of vehicles and other equipment are successfully exported. Head European office located in Prague. Here recently there was another exhibition, on which was presented triboactives and innovation of the products.

Motorists in the New world, particularly in the US, could see action triboactive at the fair in Northern California. As in Europe, to demonstrate the unique properties of the Atomium on the podium was installed a car that worked without oil. Paul - representative of the company Grееntecauto that sells Atomium in the state, says: "the Atomium – this is no ordinary chemistry, and the composition of minerals. That's why we are so different from the other additives. Triboactive it is important to use to prevent engine damage, not to apply them, when there was already serious failure".

And in new Jersey, Melville, cars, complexly processed Atomium, took part in the race, Lemon 24. These prototypes enthusiasts and race car drivers themselves have collected. Dealers technology "ATOMIUM" has provided compositions for treatment. The machine stayed in motion without stopping for a total of 48 hours, which according to riders and representatives of the Atomium, is a good advertisement for tribotechnology. 

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