Over the years, we have developed a strong distributor network. However, there are still areas where we would like to increase our distribution coverage.
If you are interested in becoming an ATOMIUM distributor, please, contact us:
info@atomium.com.au, (+61) 44-999-05-40
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the  ATOMIUM ™ layer work ?

Why is the 1st stage of treatment carried out 1000 km before the oil change and why is it necessary to process the ICE in several stages? 

Are  ATOMIUM ™ lubricants applied on diesel engines?

What kinds of engine oil are compatible to ATOMIUM?

What preparatory stages should be organized, so that  ATOMIUM would work more effectively?

Can I chisel engine treated with ATOMIUM?

If the car has a big mileage (more than 10 years), isn’t it too late to process it with ATOMIUM?

Does it make any sense to process a new car or an engine after overhaul?

Is it possible to drive without engine oil if the crankcase is punched or the oil pump doesn't work?