Over the years, we have developed a strong distributor network. However, there are still areas where we would like to increase our distribution coverage.
If you are interested in becoming an ATOMIUM distributor, please, contact us:
info@atomium.com.au, (+61) 44-999-05-40
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Company "SUPROTEC EU s.r.o." was established in Prague, Czech Republic. "ATOMIUM"  has been successfully expanding the market for more than 15 years by now.

Our leading product is innovative, well-established tribotechnical compounds (ATOMIUM additives and lubricants) dedicated to the prevention of wear and abrasion. ATOMIUM products are well-proven engine oil additives, which provide anti-friction and wear-off resistance to the car-engine parts.

We provide lubricants and motor oil additives, fuel additives, transmission oil additives, hydraulic liquid additives for cars and industrial equipment, designed for diesel, petrol and LPG engines. Atomium is applied in engine knots, gearboxes, high pressure fuel pumps, hydraulic boosters. 

Our company possesses modern scientific and technical capabilities and professional scientists and engineers that manage a modern laboratory, providing high-tech manufacturing facilities that correspond to the European standard ISO 9001.

Our technology

The main product of the company, is an innovative antiwear, antifriction restoring lubricant additive package that have worked well on a large number of vehicles and numerous industrial facilities.

Our Technology allows you to recover specifications and prolong life of almost any mechanisms and assemblies (internal combustion engines of all types and sizes, gearboxes, gears and bearings and plain bearings, hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms).

The main feature of the technology  is the possibility of lubricant compositions application of while operating the entire mechanism.

The application target of ATOMIUM technology is: fuel saving, energy and manpower.

We offer the three lines of business:

1. Consumer trend: sales of products, additivesunder the brand "ATOMIUM" aimed to private owners of cars and motorcycles of all types.

2. Corporate trend: sales of products, consulting and training, both private and municipal transport companies (passenger and freight transport, passenger transport, the special road, mining and construction equipment).

3. Industrial trend, that includes treatment with ATOMIUM Promkompozit Lubricant:

  • all types of transport at plants and factories;
  • pumps, compressors, assembly-lines, gearboxes;
  • all types of industrial equipment;
  • railway transport and railway facilities, such as rails and wheels;
  • machinery equipment companies;
  • sea and river vessels of any size
  • equipment of mining, oil and metal processing industries, STI;
  • machinery of processing plants and factories, printing houses;
  • equipment of municipal and private enterprises (water utilities, power plants, pulp and paper mill, municipal electric urban transport);
  • exclusive and optional equipment.